Cardboard boxes: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Published on 4/22/2019
Alright you packed up everything you own, moved it, and unpacked it. Now you're left with 10000 cardboard boxes. What should you do with them? Your first thought might be to recycle them. That's a good thought but the quote is reduce, re-use, recycle. Recycling should be done last when there's no longer a good use for them. 

Reduce and Re-use 

The first step is to reduce the amount of cardboard boxes being used. Before you recycle them, ask yourself if the boxes are in good enough condition to be re-used. Make sure they're still strong enough to hold items and that they aren't too bent in or flimsy. If they can be re-used, tell your friends and family online that you are giving away free boxes. You'd be surprised how often someone you know needs boxes for storage or for their own move. If you don't know anyone personally, drop them somewhere appropriate with a sign that says free boxes and post online that you are giving away free boxes. 


The next best thing to re-using them for their intended purpose is to re-use them with a completely new purpose. Here are some great ideas for re-using cardboard boxes!

1. Turn Your Cardboard Boxes into a Playhouse! 
This is great because it's less expensive than a traditional playhouse and it's more environmentally friendly. Kids will love this because they will be able to do things like color on it without getting in trouble. They can absolutely destroy this thing and you won't even bat an eye. 

2. Turn Your Boxes into Toys

We've all heard the expression "I bought my kids this expensive toy but they'd rather just play with the box." Embrace that! Use your boxes to entertain kids and then when they outgrow these, you won't have a ton of plastic toys that you have to get rid of. 

3. Turn your boxes into pretty storage!

You will always need storage in your home and the key to keeping your house organized is by making your organization look nice. Using decorative boxes on shelves and in cabinets will help declutter your home by.

4. Turn Your Cardboard Boxes into Fun Art Pieces

Faux deer stags are really popular at Target and on Wayfair. But you can make one yourself for a fraction of the price! Plus no animals will be harmed in the making of these stags. 


Now that you've re-used as much of the cardboard as possible. The last step is to recycle anything left over! Make sure to break down the cardboard and put it in your recycling bin to be picked up. Do not bag your recyclables, just put them directly in your bin. For more information about recycling in Waco, click here.