Frequently Asked Questions

Published on 2/20/2019

1. What times can I access my unit?

You can access your unit any time between 6am - 9pm. The gates will not open to enter or exit the facility after 9pm, so you must exit the facility before then. 

2. Is there a deposit or application fee?

No! There is no deposit or application fee. You will be asked for a credit card to have on file, but it will not be charged until you come into our office and sign a lease.

3. How long will my reservation be held?

Reservations are held for 10 days. 

4. Do I have to let you know when I move out?

Yes, please let us know when you move out. We need to remove you from our system so that you are not charged rent for the next month.

5. Who can enter the facility?

Only tenants and authorized users on their accounts have access to the facility. 

6. Are locks provided for the units?

Tenants are responsible for providing their own locks; however, locks can be purchased in our office.

7. What if I want to rent a unit in the middle of the month?

All units are prorated from the start of your lease, only. For example, if you start renting in the middle of the month, you will only be charged starting from your move-in date. Rent is collected on the first of the month and is not reduced if you move out early.