Moving Supplies Checklist

Published on 3/6/2019

Moving Checklist

When it comes to packing the key is in the preparation. The more time you spend prepping, the less time you'll spend on moving day.  Make sure to download our Printable Moving Supply Checklist

Two Months Before

  • Clean: Cleaning the house first may seem counter-intuitive. Won't it just get messy again? Yes, it will but if you go through and clean up and put everything in it's right place now it will make packing easier later. 
  • Downsize: Now is the time to sort through what you need to sell, donate, or throw away,. Take this time to return items you've borrowed from people. Don't waste time or boxes packing things you don't want in your new home. Out with the old and in with the new! 
  • Hire movers. Whether you want to hire professional help or enlist the help of family and friends, now is the time to secure help. 
  • Start packing your first box. Keep your vital documents and small valuables here, separate from other household items. This will help you keep the most important things safe throughout the process, and it will help you identify any missing documents early.

One Month Before

  • Buy packing supplies. Don’t take shortcuts here. Having enough of the right packing supplies can make your move much easier. If you forget some moving supplies, you can buy them at our front desk when you rent your U-Haul. 
  • Contact your internet, TV, and utilities providers. Set your disconnect date. Begin researching which providers you’ll use at your destination and schedule connection of your services.

Two Weeks Before

  • Change your address. Let the post office, your insurance provider, and your bank know about your new address. Cancel or redirect scheduled deliveries and subscriptions.
  • Reserve your U-Haul and Storage Units. You should have a pretty good idea by now what you want to come with you in your new place and what will be packed away. Unlimited Self Storage has different sized units for every need. We also have U-Hauls that can be rented directly from our website. 
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  • Begin packing! Separate your boxes by room. Label each box with the name of the room and a list of everything inside of it. Example, Kitchen: pots, pans, dish towels. The biggest lie you will tell yourself is that you'll remember what's in each box. Schedule enough time to have the packing done at least two days before your move date. Instead of packing all of your sheets and towels separately, use them to wrap delicate items and to pack your moving boxes. The environment will thank you! 

One Week Before

  • Begin cleaning empty rooms. Even if you’re not working to get a security deposit back, you should do a thorough clean. 
  • Pack suitcases. Have one for everyone in the family to live out of for a few days as you complete packing everything in the house.

Moving Day

  • Have specific information for your movers. Contact information, address of the new place, and maps for getting there.
  • Sign the movers’ inventory list. Make sure they provide you with a copy. This record of what they’re moving ensures that nothing “disappears” en route.
  • Unpack. Since everything was organized to begin with, this will be a breeze. 
  • Start planning your housewarming party. Congratulations on moving! The hard part is over. Now you can relax and start meeting your neighbors.